Aum Shinrikyo · How a doomsday cult brought rush hour terror to the Tokyo subway · Potassium cyanide addressed from 'doomsday cult' sent to Japan firms · Japan 


8 Jul 2018 An Aum Shinrikyo follower mediates at the cult's camp near Mount Fuji in 1995, wearing a headset supposed to emit leader Shoko Asahara's 

Ngoài Kinh Pali Canon, Aum Shinrikyo còn dựa trên Kinh Tibetan, kinh Yoga của Patanjali và Đạo giáo. (p56) Aum Shinrikyo began to experiment with sarin-gas. These experiments were carried out at their various communes, particularly Kamikuishiki. Occasionally there were some leaks and eruptions of gas that infected the people on the premises; Aum Shinrikyo was quick to decry their enemies for poisoning them with sarin gas. Korkein totuus (jap. オウム真理教, Ōmu Shinrikyō, Aum Shinrikyo) on Shōkō Asaharan (teloitettu heinäkuussa 2018) vuonna 1984 perustama uskonnollinen kultti, joka perustuu buddhalaisuuteen ja hindulaisuuteen. In March 1995, the Tokyo subway attack by.

Aum shinrikyo

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Al(). Based in 1984 as a small yoga club in the suburbs of Tokyo, in 10 years Aum Shinrikyo became a powerful cult owning a hospital, several restaurants and  Aum Shinrikyo: Violence and Religion in Japanese Buddhism.” This chapter traces the movement of Aum Shinrikyo from a yoga and meditation center,  24 Sep 2018 Studies of Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese new religious movement responsible for the 1994 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo metro and whose  E-Resources: Aum Shinrikyo. Here you can find databases, online journals, NIAS Press e-books , and the latest issues of a collection of Asian newspapers. Aum Shinrikyo and Japanese Youth offers insights into Japanese spirituality by analyzing the motivations of those who joined the Aum Shinrikyo religious sect. 7 Jan 2019 The ghosts of Aum Shinrikyo Japan needs to step up security measures against the cult's successors, Francis Grice writes. For nine injured  24 Jan 2021 Aum Shinrikyo, meaning “Supreme Truth,” was founded by Chizuo Matsumoto, a man who was partially blinded from childhood glaucoma.


On March 20, 1995, members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult entered the Tokyo subway system and released sarin, a deadly nerve agent. The subway attack was the 

The Aum Shinrikyo came to the United States officially in late 1987 when it incorporated in New York City under the name Aum USA Company, Ltd., a not-for-profit corporation. Although the office purported to promote the cult's book sales and recruitment of followers, Aum Shinrikyo was founded in 1984 as a yoga and meditation class, initially known as Oumu Shinsen no Kai (オウム神仙の会, "Aum Mountain Hermits’ Society"), by pharmacist Chizuo Matsumoto.The group believed in a doctrine revolving around a syncretic mixture of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Christian and Hindu beliefs, especially relating to the Hindu god Shiva. Vote for an upcoming episode of Beyond The Dark The poll closes once the Beyond The Dark Specials are over so plenty of time, You can vote on multiple so cho 2015-03-14 The world learned of the cult called Aum Shinrikyo on March 20, 1995, when deadly sarin gas was released in five Tokyo subway stations.Eleven people were killed and 5,500 injured. It was subsequently learned that Aum had released sarin once before, killing seven and injuring fifty in … 2011-12-11 Today, Aum Shinrikyo is once again soliciting donations, collecting tithes, selling materials to members, holding seminars, conducting training, and selling computers.

Aum shinrikyo

Shoko Asahara, ledare för domedagssekten Aum Shinrikyo som genomförde en dödlig sarinattack i Tokyos tunnelbana 1995, har avrättats, 

Wojtek Laski/Getty Images Shoko Asahara, leader of the cult group Aum Shinrikyo, during a visit to Moscow, Russia, on February 17, 1994. Aum Shinrikyo, or " Supreme Truth " in English, is currently a split, monitored, and neutered terrorist organization based in Japan. The group's current name is actually " Aleph " and it has a sibling group in Russia that split from it called Hikari no Wa or "The Circle of Light ".

Aum Şinrikyo (オウム真理教) 1984'te Shoko Asahara tarafından Tokyo'da kurulan dini örgüt. 2007'de Aleph ve Hikari no Wa olarak ikiye ayrıldı. 20 Mart 1995'te Tokyo metrosunda sarin gazıyla yaptıkları eylem 12 kişinin hayatını kaybetmesine sebep oldu. Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) is a Japanese religious cult founded in 1984. Originally named Aum Shinsen no Kai, the group mixes various religions with science fiction and Nostradamus prophecies. The cult started as a small group made up of Asahara and fifteen followers. Asahara’s charismatic lecture and tours abroad quickly drew in followers.
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Aum shinrikyo

Den första rättegången mot sekten inleddes redan på sommaren 1995 och i februari 2004,  Posts Tagged "Aum Shinrikyo".

25 Jul 2018 Aum Shinrikyo, or Aum Supreme Truth, mixed Buddhist and Hindu meditation with apocalyptic teachings.
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Doctrine. Shinrikyo Aum is a syncretic belief system that draws upon Asahara's idiosyncratic interpretations of elements of early Indian Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Hinduism, taking Shiva as the main image of worship and incorporating millennialist ideas from Christianity, Yoga, and the writings of Nostradamus.

What's new >>General Information >>PR Department >>Research Center … Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) Asahara Shoko assisted the realization of his doomsday prophecies by having his followers release sarin nerve gas in Tokyo subway stations. I n 1987 Asahara Shoko (born Chizuo Matsumoto) established Aum Shinrikyo, a cult with several hundred members.

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Aum Shinrikyo (オウム真理教, Ōmu Shinrikyō), nu gesplitst in Aleph en Hikari no Wa, is een Japanse terroristische sekte, voorheen onder leiding van Asahara Shoko. In 1995 werd de sekte bekend door het plegen van een aanslag op de metro van Tokio met zelfgemaakt zenuwgas, sarin .

The Aum Shinri Kyo was a destructive, doomsday cult centered in Japan. Their name was a combination of Aum which is a sacred Hindu syllable, and Shinri Kyo which means "supreme truth". It appears to have been a syncretistic religion, founded in 1987, and combining elements of Buddhism with The police detected "mono-ethyl-methyl phosphoric acid", a by-product produced only from VX, in Hamaguchi's blood serum on July 22, 1995, confirming the presence of VX. In another incident, Niimi attacked Hiroyuki Nagaoka, 57, the head of the "Association of the Victims of Aum Shinrikyo" with VX gas in January, 1995. A wanted poster of Aum Shinrikyo members in Japan. Image by Flickr user sarmoung Aum Shrinrikyo first came out to West Australia in April 1993, looking for a place they could test chemical weapons Creepy Dancing which applause cult leader of Japanese most notorious cult which executed gas terrorism in metropolitan subway in the past. Aum Shinrikyo members testified in 1995 that they were working with B. anthracis, but 6 years passed before the strain was isolated and characterized .